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Gimme Your Stuff! February 12, 2007

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Yay! Just found this wonderful site of Gimme Your Stuff! And since I don’t really keep a blog (I do have one now though I did’nt have it then), I have to set this up so I can start swapping with everyone. YAY! I’m new and really excited after seeing all the wonderful stuff people swap around!

Here’s a list of stuff I can swap:

-Handmade items

-Food stuff like sweets, chocolates, jellies and even barbequed pork!



-Singapore themed stuff like t-shirts


-Beads (though not exotic ones. more to the cute side.)

-Cute bells (small ones in the shape of ghosts, fruits and more.)


And basically everything you would want or request for! Although I have to add that I don’t know how to buy yarn or have any art and craft or knitting magazines. However, if you request for art and craft materials like cookie cutters or scrapbooking materials I may be able to do something about them!

And items I would like to receive are:

-Knitted stuff like pullovers, teddy bears and scarfs please!!! I am sooo totally in love with them!!

-Handmade items

-Items with my name on it!

-Small and cute stuff!

-Lip gloss

-Photos of you!

My request for swap items are pretty weird I think. I am pretty narcissistic and absolutely in love with my name, so I would really like personalised stuff. In return for any requested items from me, I hope to receive handmade and knitted items. I love crotcheted and knitted items like scarfs or pull overs, but I really have no idea and time to make them. And since I live in Singapore where it’s hot all year round, I can’t buy such items either, so I really want them. Ohh! a special request would be that my name can be part of the work if possible!

On a side note, I would love it if you could put your name on your items too, because I want to shout out to the whole world who gave me all the lovely items I receive! I love to shop even though I don’t have the time so please do give me an excuse to shop for you! Give me shopping lists and I’ll try my best to get the things you want! YAY!

You can contact me at rachel_ksy@hotmail.com!


One Response to “Gimme Your Stuff!”

  1. orangespirals Says:

    Hi Rachel!!

    OMG, i just visited Gimme your stuff and I randomly clicked on your name coz I am actually from Singapore myself! Haha I would love to do a swap with you because everything you want coincidentally happens to be wat I wanna swap! And I really miss home so getting something from home would be soooo good. Haha.. visit the link here:


    Hope to hear from you soon, my email is berenicechp@gmail.com 🙂

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